build: 39874

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New features, improvements and fixes
New features

4k capture

- Stitch together up to 4x SDI feeds to capture 4k via the ‘Capture Group’ feature (pro range only)


- Employ up to 8x Multi-Sample Anti-Aliasing to smooth out diagonal edges


- Improved status indicator of what each machine in the network is doing
- Create system diagnostics from networked machines
- Ability to access connected machine settings via Network widget
- Notify Editors when another Editor joins the session
- Provide clearer indication for when Editors are not actually in sync
- Ability to train midi event transports

4k GUI on 2x2plus
- Enable 4k resolution on the first GUI output from a 2x2plus

- 12 projector limitation for footprints removed
- Projectors can now be placed in a hierarchical relationship

- Mechanism to add/remove a single layer to/from a group
- More explicit indication of when in a track that is not in the current selected Set List

Feed view
- Revised colour scheme to better indicate status

Display management
- More robust Genlocking with gx range, including a refresh button
- Mechanism to avoid always waiting for display changes

General performance improvements when using Notch


- Audio files assigned to a mapping with no surface do not play
- Audio continues to play when VideoModule holding in locked mode
- Automation/Encoders refinement to smooth automation tracking
- Mapped media can result in an infinite loop
- Fails to load RecordingFiles with certain allowed characters
- gx range specific Genlock fix to avoid possibly causing visual stutter and noisy vsync timings
- Failure to install CodeMeter 6.50b 32-bit support library
- Network machine will use local timer if master is hung/evasive on startup
- Projector Calibration non-invertible property if looking up/down
- QuickCal parented projector applies part of parent transformation twice
- QuickCal setting manual zNear to 0 may cause calibration to fail
- VFC cannot send matrix routing during failover for both quad4k and quad split modes

Known issues

- Only up to 8x MSAA available

Networking management & improvements
- Cannot remote install 14.3 onto non-14.3 servers
- The ‘Join Session’ symbol sometimes disappears in d3manager but is still able to join a session

32-bit installation
- If on launching d3manager you see an error message stating WIBUCM32.dll, please install the Codemeter Runtime-Kit 6.5b and reinstall d3 32-bit

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