Changelog: d3 gold_release 14.2

d3 r14.2 Release - 37636
Released May 12th, 2017


[Automation] Fixes for StageKinetiks MoveCat driver
[Automation] UnicanOpenCue driver is broken
[Automation] Duplicate packets received by Kinesys
[Projector calibration] Final adjust forces recalibration causing potential issues if reference points are corrupt
[Projector calibration] Division by zero created when Projection Surface gets scaled by 1/10000
[Slideshows] Infinite loop created when opening a specific project
[Timeline] Jumping to an incorrect section as a result of rounding out timeline refresh rates
[Timeline] Unable to place keyframe at start of layer
[Timeline] When starting to receive MTC timecode, playhead jumps forward unexpectedly
[Timeline] Incorrect playhead offset when setting timeline to non-whole numbers e.g. 29.97
[Timeline] Various under the hood Timeline improvements
[Video Output] Default Projector one output is mostly black


[Video Capture] Bluefish should show driver warning notification at the same time as the alert

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Changelog: d3 gold_release 14.2 

d3 r14.2 Release - 37103
Released March 30th, 2017

New and improved features

Automation (Screen Position)

  • Workflow: an improved screen position editor and workflow for configuring incoming automation data into d3
  • Monitoring: improved monitoring graphs (position and velocity)
  • Monitoring: monitoring of each driver and the specific axis data being received is available in the d3State bar, which shows axis names, the incoming data from each axis as well as device recording options.
  • Exposing field values to aid in evaluating the incoming data for quality and frequency (input rate)
  • Local Axis Disengage/Engage: allows isolating specific axes when using the multi-pose calibration workflow or making general adjustments within d3 when automation data is live and being received

See updated Automation user guide entry here.


Blacktrax has received a number of workflow improvements and fixes:

  • Registration: improved feedback of registration process and confirmation before clearing registration
  • Calibration: simpler rigid body calibration process with snap fixed points to tracked points. Added ability to undo/ redo this operation
  • Tracking: improvements to help with jitter when points are occluded
  • Prediction: improvements to jitter and prediction timestamp accuracy
  • Stability: fixes to improve stability when used with multiple machines

These updates set the groundwork for further development and improvements to the d3-BlackTrax workflow

Display Management

Display Management has been improved and revised including:

  • easier handling of display outputs, both VFC and regular
  • progress indicators during feed settings application
  • genlock status and control from within d3


Slideshows enable fast and easy output of a sequence of content with a minimum of sequencing time within d3. Although these sequences rely on file location and name, these can be edited while d3 is running. 

See Slideshow user guide entry here.

TransportBrightnessLocal & TransportVolumeLocal layers

These two new modules remove the need to use the Open module to affect local Master Brightness and Volume controls on a Multi-Transport 

See updated user guide entries for TransportBrightnessLocal and TransportVolumeLocal.

Known issues

  • Jitter: to minimise any jitter experienced, turn on Prediction
  • d3 currently bypasses BlackTrax’s Tracking Adapter 'Acceleration & Velocity Data'. For optimal results, disable this

Display Management
  • Interlaced Sync on 2x4 SDI VFC cards does not work unless machine is locked to house sync and may result in a difference in field sync between VFC cards (to be addressed in r14.3) Workaround: use house sync
  • Rare GPU driver resets during Apply Feed Settings can cause inability for d3 to transition full-screen or perhaps even crash resulting in black output or periodic screen flickers (every 10 seconds) 
    Workaround: reboot machine.
  • Current NVIDIA driver issue is affecting d3’s ability to reliably lock to house sync on 2x4 pro 
    Workaround: avoid using Nvidia Control Panel to lock to house sync, instead use the 'Lock to house sync' feature of d3’s Feed View. If unable to lock to the house sync source, reboot the machine  
  • LiveUpdate or MultiEdit after a Master failover is not supported. Following a Master failover, all machines in a d3net session should restart the session
  • Changes to OS network config may cause "failed to load display adapter list" on d3 startup 
    Workaround: ensure correct network adapter is selected in d3manager, disable followed by enable network adapter in Windows>Control Panel> Network and Internet> Network Connections
  • With 'Any' adapter selected and multiple network adapters in use, edits may fail between machines if one of the network connections are lost 
    Workaround: Rackmount machines should always have d3net selected, not 'Any'. In this configuration Mobile Editors can still use 'Any' adapter. Selecting a specific adapter on those will further improve reliability  
  • A section break partway through a slideshow while in play to end of section mode will cause the current video of the slideshow to loop indefinitely
  • Slave may temporarily display black if local content is mismatched with master’s content

The personality for lighting consoles now has ‘Natural Readout’ values as default.

  • Time deletion does not account for dropped frames
  • Transferring a large number of files into a d3 project at once can cause a dip in performance for the duration of the transfer
  • Non-default projector output modes are not fully synchronised to editors on joining a session
  • Tracks and transports created with independent Editors cannot be accessed by Masters
  • VariableVideo layer can exhibit audio popping from especially high-bitrate video files
  • d3 may take longer to close after quitting

r14.2 Changelog


[Audio] Audio analyser must be closed and immediately reopened for the waveform monitor to show anything 
[Automation / Encoders] Glitch with data handling when velocity moves rapidly towards infinity 
[BlackTrax] When tracked BlackTrax points are being received at the (in)correct frequency, they may intermittently flicker 
[BlackTrax] Rigid body reference points may disappear when Editor joins a Master 
[BlackTrax] BlackTrax datastream not received if joining an Editor session mid-data transfer 
[BlackTrax] BlackTrax data may drift when idle 
[BlackTrax] Redundant UI removed 
[BlackTrax] BlackTraxDriver not receiving until restart 
[BlackTrax] Restore filtering functions to BlackTrax 
[BlackTrax] Out of date, tracked BlackTrax points can still be used in Registration and Projector Calibration 
[Content Management] Missing media reports do not update on Master when Editors disconnect 
[Content Management] Notification thrown when deleting a resource with the same name as one that has already been deleted 
[Content Management] Archive unused throws exception in a specific project 
[Content Management] If master only has proxies of full res content from Slaves, it gets misreported as missing media 
[Content Management] Accessing a missing asset's FrameBar causes Access Violation errors 
[Content Management] Moving a clip to a new asset may result in corrupted project 
[Content Management] Objects with paths including "common" cause exceptions on project launch 
[Content Mapping] Project specific crash when opening project 
[Content Mapping] Crossfading between a layer with removed media and layer set to none results in null texture error 
[d3manager] Diagnostic can unnecessarily include content if folder is renamed 
[d3manager] Help link in d3 manager links back to r12 manual 
[d3manager] d3manager shows solo projects as joinable sessions 
[d3manager] Unnecessary lag when changing network settings 
[d3manager] A new file with a space suffix causes d3 to duplicate the file, unpopulated 
[d3service] Rare nistance of d3Service crash or hanging on shutdown 
[d3service] Environmental specific instance of being unable to mix 32- and 64-bit builds 
[Device Recording] OSC Device recording needs constant input to play back 
[Device Recording] Unable to click on a Device Recording following insert or merging sections 
[Device Recording] Playback percent indicator is incorrect if the recording is moved beyond section limits 
[Device Recording] When triggering an MSC cue, the transport un-arms itself and goes to the next cue preventing device recording 
[Device Recording] Recording BlackTrax data causes exceptions 
[Device Recording] GUI error while dragging device recordings 
[Device Recording] Cannot multi-select device recording layers 
[Device Recording] Device recordings can be moved before start of the timeline 
[Device Recording] Understudies do not adopt device playback mode at failover 
[Diagnostics] Notch files no longer included in project diagnostic 
[Display Management] Access violation while parsing Panasonic EDIDs 
[DMX / Artnet] Cannot fade all the way to 0 if Master Brightness value changed rapidly 
[DMX / Artnet] Trailing zeroes in DMXTableScreen will not load 
[Expressions] Incomplete expression when binding Offset x to anything 
[Feed Outputs] Calculated EDID for 4096x2160 @ any frame rate results in a CVTRB2 blanking (incompatible with some display devices) 
[Feed Outputs] Feed head latency not saved 
[Feed Outputs] Implement Passive adapter detection to better inform users if passive adaptors cause EDID processing issues 
[Feed Outputs] Test pattern for multiple feed rectangles 
[Feed Visualiser] Assigning outputs to a virtual or placeholder slave causes an access violation 
[Feed Visualiser] d3 incorrectly assumes that every 4x4 pro has 16 outputs 
[Feed Visualiser] Changing mask size returns a python object error 
[Feed Visualiser, Stage] Switching between stage and feed view while rendering a movie results in output movie going black in intervals 
[GUI] DEP violations linked to specific stickied windows 
[GUI] Repeated, continuous Alt+drag to create an arrow results in the arrow lagging behind the mouse cursor 
[GUI] Rare Python error on shutdown 
[GUI] Test search now not case specific
[GUI] (text) search for whitespace reports error
[GUI] Set list ordering correctly rendered after editing 
[GUI] Large cue lists generates high CPU time. 
[GUI] Stickied track select widget not functioning on reopen of project until closed and reopened 
[GUI] Set list names saved only after pressing Enter 
[GUI] Newly created track does not appear in Cue List until closed and reopened 
[GUI] Removing a note or tag from the cue set list does not update until widget is closed and reopened 
[GUI] Remove redundant network messages on sync failure 
[GUI] Removal of confusing message on Master machines when rejoining an active session 
[Import/Export] Exported groups lose internal alt-arrow assignments on import 
[Keyframe editor] Display starts outputting content but keyframe editor stays empty following CTRL+click content creation in VariableVideo 
[Licensing & Security] Education license incorrectly takes precedence over Designer licences 
[Licensing & Security] d3 license check can stall on busy networks 
[Logging] Failure to provide error when opening missing project file 
[MIDI] MIDI expressions use of MidiDevice's damped controls are only generated on Masters and Slaves 
[MIDI] Invalid MIDI note index floods console 
[MIDI] Midi input with a velocity of 64 only sends the "Note On" command 
[Modules] Access violations when keyframing Surface's ColourShift via the Open module 
[Modules] VariableVideo: Second keyframed video in VariableVideo does not start at the first frame 
[Modules] Track jump module can only Stop or Loop Section in specific project 
[Modules] Ensure that should not be able to place keys on timeline while playing or holding 
[Modules] Some blend modes do not account for cropped areas 
[Modules] Range for the colour component set to 10 instead of 255 
[Networking] d3.exe may remain in the background after a remote quit 
[Networking] Splashscreen reporting "Master is reporting heavy load! Edits may be lost unless master recovers," never goes away if Master stuck in hung state on Editor 
[Networking] Rare d3manager crash whilst enabling or disabling network adapters 
[Networking] Network latency can cause network time sync error and keyframe interpolation differences between Master and Slave 
[Networking] Stickied cue set list throws access violations on slave 
[Networking] Resend requests can be missed by Editors causing failure of edits without notification 
[Networking] With "Any" adapter selected d3 would occasionally fail reporting "failed to read local display adapter list" 
[Networking] Ensure network time sync is correctly aligned 
[Networking] Muting modules on editor does not pass through when locking to master 
[Networking] Access violation errors when editing Editor created Mappings on a Master 
[Networking] Leading zeros in IP addresses incorrectly handled by d3 
[Networking] Comms will fall back on another interface if the one it is set to is disconnected 
[Networking] No indication on Editors when Master leaves session 
[Networking] Manually renewing DHCP lease causes d3manager and d3service machine discovery to stop working 
[Networking] Transport commands incorrectly sent from the Master, despite being told not to in the network monitor 
[Notch] Map temporary Notch dll to original filename 
[Notch] Correction of Notch layer Resource Type in the Bank Editor from "DfxFile" to Notch 
[Performance] Performance drop when prefetching inactive layers not as section breaks 
[Project upgrade] Upgrading specific project from r12 to r14.2 incomplete 
[Projector Calibration] Incorrect automatic calculation of near z-clipping for short distances or strong lens shift 
[Projector Calibration] New reference point incorrectly created following placement of points and editor closure when clicking stage 
[Sockpuppet] Layers not highlighted red following deletion of media and relaunching Sockpuppet 
[Stage] Screen, Surface Blend Modes differ between visualiser and output 
[Stage] Output brightness is affected by screen blend modes 
[Stage] Zero-sized texture error after changing the image name field on a puck 
[Stage] Numerical entry of pucks results in incorrect number created 
[Startup] Edge case of program freeze when enumerating non-dx11 capable GPUs 
[Timeline] Play to End of Section while fully zoomed into timeline on 23.976fps plays through section 
[Timeline] Arrowing between layers lost when duplicated to another track 
[Timeline] Timeline split jumps around when zoomed into 
[Timeline] Access violations when transitioning to 'None' on a video layer 
[Timeline] Cues are not created in Cue Set List when section breaks are made 
[Timeline] Project upgrade from 14.1 to 14.2 containing specific combination of Notch and Variable Video module 
[Timeline] Isolating a grouped layer effectively mutes it 
[Timeline] Cues for cue list between section breaks not recorded correctly 
[Timeline] Correctly order the set list 
[Timeline] Project specific access violations when exporting screen position configs and cues from a track 
[Timeline] TimeCode tags added to 0 and 1st frames do not appear in the Cue List 
[Transport Controls] MSC All call inoperative 
[Transport Controls] Track widget not shown following restart after creating new transport 
[Transport Controls] Playback will still stop if set to stop when timecode is lost even if ignore timecode is set 
[VFC] 1080i field out of phase on QSDI 
[VFC] Rare case of crashing to desktop when applying feed settings 
[VFC] Edge case of Applying feed settings causing an infinite loop of fullscreen mode changes 
[Video Capture] License change triggered by hardware fault causes rare crash to desktop 
[Video Capture] Edge case of crashing while processing SDI input when signal is lost 
[Video Capture] Captured image stretches when signal is lost 
[Video Output] Edge case of dual gpu laptops causing an exception on d3service startup 
[Video Output] Renderer FPS metric is wrong when vsync is off on GUI 
[Video Output] Incorrect GPU detection results in black screen on launching d3 if GUI is unplugged 
[Video Output] Half speed mode now operating correctly at half speed 
[Web Module] Web: Exception on reset browser 
[Web Module] Only process web module when there's a new frame received in order to reduce CPU time


[Automation / Encoders] Revamped interface for screen position drivers reporting axis information 
[BlackTrax] Calibration tab of the Rigid Body streamlined 
[BlackTrax] Produce a warning if re-finalising Registration after Projector Calibration points have been set 
[Content Management] Revised file watching mechanism 
[Device Recording] Only show progress bar for currently used recording 
[Device Recording] Mode button in Device Recording is now an option list 
[Display Management] Revised display management configuration 
[Feed Visualiser] Genlock control in feed view 
[Feed Visualiser] New, Genlock status indication in FeedView 
[GUI] CTRL+C applies to copying text to clipboard 
[GUI] Out of disc space error now displayed rather than just quitting 
[GUI] MIDI monitor widget 
[GUI] Performance drop when opening the Bank Editor 
[GUI] GenericLampDriver doesn't have entry points to store amber and white channel data 
[Networking] refinement to networking interface selection 
[Timeline] Free-running keyframes (right-click keyframe; select Normal/Locked)

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