Changelog: d3 gold_release14.1

d3 r14.1 Release - 36034
Released December 19th, 2016


[Device Control] allow matrix failover to specify multiple inputs and outputs, in case a distribution amplifier is being used 
[Device Control] better messages in response to incorrect matrix routing configuration 
[QuickCal] add an optional custom lineup bitmap to overlay on Quickcal 
[GFX driver] incorporate nVidia for new 2x4 range 
[d3State] add 48fps display modes and non-smpte timecode format 
[VFC] add an option for allowing 3840x2160 on quad dvi VFC cards, makes it possible to genlock a mixed DVI/display port output pro machine 
[Networking] make edits more robust 
[Networking] improved Networking performance when resources are limited or stretched 
[Logging] better reporting in instances of gfx card hang


[Networking] show a notification if a Slave is unable to resolve the Master’s IP address 
[DMX] large number of universes to the same IP across multiple devices can stop DMX being transmitted resulting in a timeout error message 
[Stage] adding a non-prop child to a prop does not persist upon restarting the project 
[Video Output] unable to output from more than one head on Windows 10 under Nvidia gfx drivers 
[Automation/Encoders] if ScreenPositionAxis hasn't been updated for a short while, it will keep a known good value even though not engaged 
[Feed Outputs] Calculated EDID for 4096x2160 results in a CVTRB2 blanking which is incompatible with some display devices 
[Feed Outputs] auto-save not disabled during playback, causing visible stutter on the outputs 
[Feed Outputs] edge case of strobing screens in Visualiser and Output at project startup 
[VideoIn] Video Input Patch window being stickied as the project starts may cause a freeze 
[Device Control] allow for optional delay in matrix commands for when the matrix failsover before the understudy is outputting the correct feed 
[MIDI] d3 does not reference the velocity value of 0 to be note off, and therefore stays on 
[Projector Calibration] projectors can be set to a random matrix due to the projector config losing its reference points, causing a recompute with bad data 
[Content Mapping] edge case of crash to desktop when editing parallel mapping 
[GUI/Quantiser] when quantising a track and playing back with metronome, GUI may freeze 
[Timeline] optimisations to presentation of timeline to aid projects with multiple layers 
[d3Service] OLED occasionally fails to display on startup with 2x4 
[Notch] failure to connect Notch layer to image rather than other d3 layer 
[Licensing] d3 license check can stall on busy networks 

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Changelog: d3 gold_release14.1

d3 r14.1 Release - 35558
Released November 15th, 2016
(updated with changelog and 64-bit download link Nov 18th, 2016)

New Features
Multi Transports

Multi Transports enable users to have multiple timelines running simultaneously. A Multi Transport Manager handles the configuration and control of the transports within, and each transport is assigned a set list to run through a user definable set of tracks. See User Guide entry for more details.

Network Interface Selection

A drop-down menu for selecting network adapters for d3Net is now available in the Networking tab of d3Manager. See User Guide entry for more details.

Art-Net IP Address Filtering

We’ve modified the way we manage Art-Net/sACN connections to allow for more precise layering of DMX data. This means that d3 is now more strict regarding which IP address it will receive data from, as opposed to the previous behaviour in which it would listen to the entire subnet. In light of this change, users will now need to be more specific when entering remote IP addresses, ensuring that either the correct unicast address or the subnet’s broadcast address is used. See User Guide entry for more details.

EDID Emulation on Plus range machines

All EDIDs are now managed internally even on Plus range machines, which provides users with greater control over feed settings.

Known issues

  • Connection latency may result in Editors starting in Solo mode without warning (Current workaround: set options.ini setting sessionStartNodeDiscoveryDelay to 5)
  • Editors coming from a managed network environment may see this machine adversely affecting the Master. Users can check with ipconfig /all. If Node type reads peer-to-peer, there is a fix here for this, but note that will likely take down any controlled network environment.
  • Changing an Understudy to an Editor and vice-versa does not update the Track UI. Closing and reopening resolves this.
  • Device Recording mode of a Master is not mirrored on the Understudy on failover
  • Machine list does not update on Understudies when Editors join a session
  • Generated EDIDs for the GUI head currently force 5.4Ghz bit rate, which may create issues with some connectors (Current workaround: set onlyEmulateVFCOutputs to 1)
  • Scrolling the mouse wheel in “Manage Old Media” widget will result in errors. (Current workaround: type in the numbers manually)
  • Device Recordings can be dragged outside the boundaries of the timeline
  • Cue Set List does not immediately update when a new track is added until it is closed and re-opened
  • Midi Monitor no longer displays in the debug menu. Instead, MIDI device data can be seen by expanding the '-' at the foot of the device’s widget when active
  • There is an edge case of a harmless crash that may occur on shutdown when using Notch


r14.1 Changelog
(added post release, Nov 18th, 2016)


[Timeline] invoking undo in a new blank project throws exception
[Timeline] Generate Content Table not working with multiple tracks
[Timeline] inserting a new track between a track and its duplicate creates an unnecessary mirrored relationship between groups within the track
[Timeline] multi-selecting individual layers using Ctrl + left click reorders them in the composition stack
[Timeline] grouping layers inside a group fails after undoing a nested group
[Timeline] clicking the track jump button while a Notch layer is rendering results in the timeline infinitely hopping between tracks
[Timeline] invoking properties of a corrupted track causes exceptions
[Timeline] grouping layers from separate groups throws out of bounds errors
[Timeline] undoing an ungroup action causes layers that were in the group to be deleted
[Timeline] bounds check error when splitting grouped layers
[Web Module] global crossfade between 2 bookmarks on the same webmodule
[Web Module] some shortcuts not functioning correctly
[Devices] bounds check error when adding/removing/re-adding removed midi device
[Devices] error appears when creating an EzDMX device on non-server machines
[Installer] occasional installer fail if pre-existing content folder has large content
[Installer] installation aborted if d3 projects folder is not available
[Networking] project fails to sync on Editor if commsAdapter forced on Master
[Networking] sessions visible only on the lowest IP subnet if adapter has multiple IPs
[Networking] bounds check after multiple, rapid failover and restorations
[Networking] potential console spam if Editor loses connection to session
[Networking] Editor GUI does not update properly when changing tracks
[Networking] unable to ingest new media in d3 Designer from an imported project created on a networked, rackmount machine
{Networking] changing track on unlocked Editor not updating GUI
[Networking] edge case of machines getting out of sync with Master on startup
[Networking] Understudy targets not visible if Master is offline
[Networking] d3Net inadvertently spamming Kinesys network
[Networking] restoration of offline Editing capability (local copy only. Does not re-sync to Master)
[Device Recording] recordings that extend past the bounds of a section break are not applied when stopping the playhead
[Device Recording] zooming out the timeline causes scaling issues in the Device Recording layer
[Device Recording] Slave able to move device recording layer independently to Master
[Device Recording] scrubbing recorded automation causes data to be displayed incorrectly
[Device Recording] starting a recording after the end of a section will create small recording layers outside recording bounds
[Device Recording] recording files fail to load if device name contains an underscore
[Feed outputs] per-head feed latency is calculated per-machine, relative to the lowest latency, rather than relative to 0
[Feed visualiser] Feed rectangle selection zone does not rotate with feed rectangle
[Feed output] project specific Feed movie distortion
[Feed output] MST on the GUI monitor causes d3 to crash on startup
[DMX] DMX monitor can incorrectly go into minus universes
[DMX] Art-Net routing notification when adding DMX device
[DMX] DMX Patch editor Mapping value ranges do not update when modified over d3net
[DMX] full/half speed toggle in DMX Devices overwritten by the last device in the list
[DMX] outputting multiple DMX screens with a non-default universe step realises incorrect values instead of null values
[Encoders] ScreenPositionAxis ignores send/ScreenPositionReceiver's engaged state during loss of signal
[Content Management] missing file versions on Slaves are not immediately reported on starting the Master
[Notch] cannot link Notch parameters via expressions
[Notch] first frame of top layer in stacked layers may be rendered as a different Notch effect causing a flash
[Capture] d3 requires reboot to reacquiring DVI signal from the datapath capture card after hot re-plugging
{GUI] removed incorrect tooltip describing DMX ColourShift displaying KNOWN ISSUE: this doesn't actually work
[GUI] TABbing between fields of a module editor does not focus on the correct field
[GUI] mappings list shortens mapping names even when they fit within the widget
[Sockpuppet] Bank rename does not display until Bank Editor is re-opened
[Sockpuppet] Master layer goes dormant when fading a screen to 0, causing its effect to be null.
[Modules] VideoTransition does not process premultiplied alpha in single-arrow cases
[Modules] Ctrl+Z to a undo keyframe change closes the keyframe editor
[Modules] Master Brightness or Audio can no longer be linked to Open layer
[Content mapping] restore Radial mapping scale
[Stage] Alpha value in props properties snaps to 100 when attempting to modify value with scroll wheel
[Audio] audible click at the end of some sound content
[Licensing] expired licences are not filtered out in some authorisation checks
[Quickcal] changing the output mode in the config editor to Content incorrectly persists requiring re-opening of the config


[Notch] handling of Notch files over Master/Editor
[Diagnostics] added content/media to diagnostic to aid support issues
[Diagnostics] include netstat capture in system diagnostics
[Networking] status tooltips for network status in slave status widget
[Networking] improved, more robust Editor handling
[DMX] better error reporting for DMX patch editor
[DMX] DMX devices now show the correct DMX Monitor depending on their set directionality
[Device Recording] refreshed UI for Device Recording
[Sockpuppet] improved support for Sockpuppet and Notch effects
[EDID management] On/Off switch for GUI EDID emulation

Please contact for feedback and issues